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D 951  -  Planer
D 951  -  Planer
productimg_zoom_sized-D 951

4-spindle lift of the thicknesser table

“Power-Drive”: Electrical height adjustment of the thicknesser table

Protective felt cover

4 knife system cutterblock / Silent-POWER cutterblock



This machine will provide you with a higher level of precision and quality than you would ever expect from a planer.

For decades the Felder system with double sided disposable planer knifes proved its advantages. Precisely manufactured and adjusted at the factory, there is no need to adjust the planer knives after installation. And no expensive adjustment tools are required!

It’s mere child’s play to change the planer knives. In less than a few minutes you can change either the 4-knife cutterblock. 
Felder planer knives are set and ready to use!

With “Power-Drive”
Turn the control switch for quick adjustment; push the button for fine adjustment. The LED display clearly shows the actual value.

... with “Digi-Drive” just type it in
Enter required dimension, press start and the planer table will move accurately to the required position. Required and actual values are shown on LED displays. Additional optional functions, such as incremental position and four programmable thicknesser table positions are available.


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